Sicupu.com - Assalamualaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh. May the salvation and mercy of God, and His blessings be abundant to you. Beginning from my curiosity about how making a website in the range of 2007 - 2008, I finally started learning HTML and CSS. In the orbit of that year, Friendster was still victorious before; eventually, Facebook shifted its position.

Around 2010 I just learned to create a blog using blogger and wordpress.com but were more inclined to blogger because it was free and could be fiddled with at will. Now only in 2014 did I create this blog. My first blog was domain dot com, whereas the first one used to be all using blogspot.com.

While learning to produce a blog, I was also very interested and curious about how making money from the internet. From there, I started to study SEO, FB ads, and internet marketing. In my journey, I found an article on how making an android application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Cordova, so I began learning to make an android application.

Besides being active on this blog, I am also active in various social networks, don't hesitate to be friends with me. Here are some personal accounts that I handle

FACEBOOK = https://facebook.com/mas.dwikur
TWITTER = https://twitter.com/dwikur_
INSTAGRAM = https://instagram.com/dwikur_

I hope we can establish a friendship in the virtual world and the actual world. Learn and support each other towards a more skillful and better person. In conclusion, I hope this blog can benefit you.

Warm regards to all,

Dwi Kurniawan