Is It True That Orchids In The Bedroom Can Make You Sleep Better?

Is It True That Orchids In The Bedroom Can Make You Sleep Better? Interested in putting orchids in the room so that the insomnia problem can be

Interested in putting orchids in the room so that the insomnia problem can be resolved? To find out its effectiveness, try to check the following explanation first.

Having trouble sleeping soundly or suddenly waking up at night can make the body condition and mood less good for activities.

For this reason, some natural ways you do to solve this problem, including putting ornamental plants in the room.

One of the ornamental plants that are alleged to improve its owner's sleep quality is the orchid.

Flowers with the scientific name Orchidaceae are quite many types, and all of them look beautiful.

However, are the benefits for health as beautiful as it seems?

Get to know orchids closer.

The Orchidaceae plant grows in tropical to moderate climates. All orchids are shrubs, which are woody plants with many branches but not completely upright. The height is less than 6 meters.

There are at least 300 species of orchids used in traditional Chinese medicine. The use of orchids for this treatment has been going on for 3,000 years.

So, Are Orchids Effective as Plants for Deep Sleep?

Meanwhile, dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini explained that orchids contain alkaloids, bibenzyl derivatives, flavonoids, phenanthrenes, and terpenoids.

"Scientific research has also been carried out that this one flower can overcome diuretic disorders, act as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibacterial, antiviral," he said.

However, according to the doctor, who is often called Vita, all the benefits above can be felt when you consume orchids that have been used as herbal supplements.

"If an orchid is put into a house or room, its function is actually the same as plants in general, which is to produce oxygen. As a result, circulation in the room is better, "said Dr. Vita.

Thus, the benefits provided by orchids for improving sleep quality occur indirectly.

A stuffy room can create an uncomfortable situation to rest in. Even though the body is tired, the discomfort eventually makes it difficult for you to sleep.

Not to mention if your body is not fit enough, the potential to have sleep problems is greater.

When you have respiratory problems, your oxygen demand will increase. By placing ornamental plants in the room, the amount of oxygen in the room will increase.

Your breathing will become easier. Orchids will absorb carbon dioxide released by humans and other objects from the surrounding environment.

For this reason, humans and plants are "harmonious" partners because they do different tasks but need each other.

The breathing carried out by individuals living in green environments is generally also deeper. More oxygen enters the body so you can sleep soundly.

Stress is difficult to prevent because problems often come without permission. However, seeing a beautiful view or decoration of ornamental plants in the room can improve mood conditions.

The orchid flower is also famous for its ability to brighten up a gloomy room with its charming flower colors.

Placing plants indoors helps increase humidity and prevent health problems, such as sore throats, coughs, and dry skin.

Several studies have shown that higher levels of humidity can reduce the risk of the flu spreading.

Making it a dish, mixing Orchidaceae into smoothies, and taking supplements are also believed to maintain mental health.

Of course, the dosage and side effects can first be consulted with your doctor according to your medical history.

If sleep problems continue to bother you, it's better to consult a doctor.

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