Causes Oily Skin When Waking Up

You don't need to be annoyed and worry too much when you wake up with an oily face, according to dr. Valda Garcia, these conditions are very normal...

Oily skin When Waking Up

According to Dr, you don't need to be annoyed and worry too much when you wake up with an oily face, according to dr. Valda Garcia, these conditions are very normal and indeed experienced by many people.

Several factors make your face shinier when you wake up, namely:

Skin Type

This is the leading cause of oily face when you wake up. The fact is, even dry skin will still be oily when you wake up.

You can imagine what happens to owners of combination and oily skin, right?

Open Pores while Sleeping

Simply put, the cause of this oily face when you wake up can not be helped anymore.

The pores will open and produce sebum when you rest at night. For oily skin, of course, the production results will be more than dry skin types.

Have Large Pores

Pores can get more significant due to age, weight fluctuations, and previous acne. Now, large pores tend to produce more oil.

Large pores are usually located on the left and right of the nose, aka the cheeks, so that part will be very oily when you wake up.

Warm Sleep

Living in a tropical country and sleeping without air conditioning will make the room temperature warm, aka hot.

For dry skin types, sleeping in warm temperatures will make the skin even more dehydrated. Therefore, dry skin owners must apply a moisturizing cream that is thick enough at night (night cream).

The opposite is experienced by oily skin owners. Sleeping at a warm temperature can actually make his skin greasy and shiny. As a result, you wake up with a sticky face.

Applying Moisturizer Too Thick at Night

Moisturizer must be applied to the face before going to bed, especially for those with dry skin.

Even so, there are things that need to be considered if you want to apply moisturizer to a combination of oily face types.

If you don't want your face to be too oily in the morning, make sure the moisturizer you use is water-based and gel form.

Just apply a thin layer to clog your pores, make your skin greasy in the morning, and increase your acne risk.

Lack of Sleep Time

Lack of rest time can also cause oily faces when you wake up. The reason is, lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels, aka the stress hormone.

High levels of stress hormones will make the oil glands produce more sebum.

So, don't be surprised if your face feels stickier and "shiny" after you stay up late or just take a nap.

Overnight Meal Menu

What is consumed at night also affects the skin condition. If you eat fatty and coconut foods, the risk of an oily face and even acne become higher.

You can experience the same thing if you eat sweets and high carbohydrate foods or drinks before going to bed at night.

All these intakes will increase oil production to make your face sticky and dull in the morning.

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