Too Busy at Work? This is a danger to health.

Working hard is good. However, don't get too busy working and let work take up all your time. Work properly and keep time for other things.


Is it because you are too busy to work that you often don't come home? Or do you take office work home and work late into the night? If so, be careful. Being too busy working until it feels like an "addiction" can be dangerous to health.

Too busy working because you feel like you are addicted to work is called a workaholic (workaholic). People who experience this condition work continuously and cannot stop working.

A person who is a workaholic usually cannot control himself from working even when he is at home or outside working hours. If allowed to continue, this condition can endanger physical and mental health.

The danger of being too busy at work

Apart from disturbing your relationship with your family and people around you, being too busy working can also increase the risk of health problems in your body, you know.

Some of the health problems that arise due to busy work are:

1. The body becomes exhausted

Too busy working can make you lack sleep and rest so that your body will feel drained. When tired, your ability to work productively and think clearly will, of course, also decrease.

2. Depression

Burnout or a tired body, a bored mind, and work pressure can also increase the risk of depression. This condition can be characterized by changes in sleep patterns, loss of appetite or even increased appetite, and loss of motivation or desire to carry out activities preferred.

3. Diabetes

Working too hard can cause you stress. If allowed, stress will interfere with the insulin hormone's work, which controls blood sugar levels.

When prolonged stress is matched by neglect to adopt a healthy lifestyle due to being too busy at work, the risk of developing diabetes will be greater.

4. Heart problems

Crazy work can waste your time rest and make unhealthy habits, from smoking, drinking excessive alcohol to adopting an unhealthy diet.

This can lead to heart problems, such as heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) and coronary heart disease.

Come on, a balance between work and personal life.

Now, because there are so many negative effects of being too busy at work, you should start rebalancing your life in the following ways:

1. Write a list of activities

The work will never end. So, don't force yourself to do all your work at one time.

Determine how long you will work one day and compile a list of activities on a priority scale. For example, working for 8 hours, rest 8 hours, hanging out with friends for 2 hours, spending time with family for 6 hours.

By doing this, you can manage your time better and not lose time with the people closest to you.

2. Do not bring home office work

Advanced technology indeed allows you to work anywhere and anytime. However, make a commitment to limit office work to only being done in the office, and the home is a place to rest and gather with family.

Try not to bring your work and office problems home, yes.

3. Do what you love

No matter how busy you are or how much your work is. Don't you lose yourself? Keep taking the time to do the things you love. For example, take time out on the weekend to read your favorite book, watch a movie, play music, or do some other hobby of yours.

In addition to making your life more balanced, taking the time to do things you enjoy will relieve stress and provide new ideas.

Working hard is good. However, don't get too busy working and let work take up all your time. Work properly and keep time for other things. Besides being good for your health, your relationship with family and friends will also be well-maintained.

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