Caring For Contact Lenses To Keep It Safe To Use

Caring For Contact Lenses To Keep It Safe To Use

Helping clear vision while still showing beautiful eyes, then using contact lenses can be a solution. But be careful if not treated properly, it can have a bad impact on your eyes.

Contact lenses serve as a substitute for glasses. Contact lenses will make it easier to do various activities without worrying about glasses that may risk scratches, breaks, breaks, or is lost. Apart from helping you see more clearly, contact lenses also don't interfere with your appearance.

How to Care for Contact Lenses

Although they have many advantages in terms of care, contact lenses require more attention than glasses. The condition of contact lenses must always be hygienic to not cause health problems such as eye infections and other vision complications.

Although it cannot be completely avoided, you can prevent eye infections in the following ways.

  • Always wash and dry your hands before putting on or removing your contact lenses.
  • Remove contact lenses before showering or swimming. Try not to get your contact lenses exposed to water.
  • Always try to remove contact lenses before bed. It is not recommended to wear contact lenses constantly. When we close our eyes with a contact lens that remains in the eye, the amount of oxygen to the eye becomes depleted. This causes the surface of the eye to become susceptible to infection. Also, the germs in the lens will stick to the cornea while we sleep.
  • Use a special cleaning fluid recommended by your doctor or pharmacy to clean and soak your contact lenses. Do not use water or other liquids because seawater, pool water, even distilled water can contain acanthamoeba organisms that can cause eye infections.
  • Rub gently when you clean contact lenses using a cleaning liquid. Be careful not to tear the contact lens.
  • Clean contact lenses after use and contact lens storage boxes every three months to keep them clean.
  • If you wear disposable contact lenses, you don't need to clean them because they are not designed for reuse. Never use disposable contact lenses for more than a day.

Diseases that are at risk of arising from dirty contact lenses

When used properly, contact lenses are proven safe. However, the risk of eye infection due to contact lenses should still be watched out for. Because germs are everywhere, including on the hands and eyelids. When bacteria or fungus sticks to your contact lenses, your eyes are also at risk for infection.

The disinfectants found in contact lens cleaning fluid are not always 100 percent effective at eliminating mold and bacteria. Apart from fungal and bacterial infections, wearing contact lenses also has a risk of triggering eye irritation, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, and corneal abrasion.

Immediately consult a doctor if your eye is likely to experience problems due to contact lenses. These are characterized by irritation symptoms, continuous discharge, swelling, pain and tenderness, redness, impaired vision, or sensitivity to light.

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