The Importance of Self-Love and How to Apply It

Self-love means loving yourself, but that doesn't mean fulfilling yourself with all your desires. Self-love requires you to treat and accept yourself
The Importance of Self-Love and How to Apply It

Lately, the term self-love has been echoed a lot on social media. This term is so popular since awareness of mental health's importance has become a topic discussed more and more by the public. However, what is the importance of self-love, and how can you apply it?

Self-love means loving yourself, but that doesn't mean fulfilling yourself with all your desires. Self-love requires you to treat and accept yourself well and for who you are.

Self-love is an important aspect of mental health. When self-love is applied, you will find it easier to think positively, including when you are angry, disappointed, or sad, because this is a form of self-acceptance.

The Importance of Self-Love for Your Physical and Mental Health

Self-love is a foundation that enables us to be assertive, build healthy relationships with others, pursue interests and dreams, and feel proud of ourselves. Therefore, it is important to manage self-love well.

Not only is it useful for making you feel calm in your life, but self-love also has various benefits for physical and mental health, including:

Get life satisfaction

When you really practice self-love, you will accept yourself for who you are. This includes accepting all life conditions, joy, and sorrow, and being responsible for all actions. Everything certainly affects satisfaction in life because you have control over yourself.

Get used to living healthy.

Of course, in loving yourself, you want to give the best for yourself, including maintaining a healthy body.

With self-love, you will be motivated to live healthier, for example, by eating more nutritious food, adequate rest time, and exercising regularly.

Increase self-esteem

Self-esteem plays a crucial role in mental health. Self-esteem is the way a person sees and accepts himself and feels confident. If self-love is managed properly, self-esteem will increase.

Not only that, by loving yourself, you will also find it easier to deal with stress and be tough in facing life's problems.

Reducing the risk of developing mental disorders

Having a hard time accepting who you are and not being comfortable with being who you are are some things that can stress you. If allowed, this can interfere with your psychological condition.

Some research also shows that low self-esteem and self-love are prone to various mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Therefore, to stay mentally healthy, it is important to accept and love who you are.

How to Apply Self-Love

There are several ways you can implement self-love, including:

1. Know yourself

Self-love will only be an expression if you can't recognize yourself. Therefore, start from knowing yourself. Find answers to questions about yourself, such as dreams you want to achieve, your biggest fears, to your strengths.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Without realizing it, we may have lived for a long time with a competitive nature, especially socializing. This makes us often compare ourselves with others. In fact, no human is perfect.

Therefore, stop comparing yourself with others. Focus on what your goals and dreams in life are. This way, you will feel freer and more motivated to go through the day without a load.

3. Don't worry about other people's opinions

In life, you can't make everyone happy. Therefore, don't worry about other people's opinions or judgments about you. Listening to other people too much may just be stressful and unhappy.

4. Remember that no one is perfect

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you don't need to feel inferior about anything. Think of the positive things you have in your life and enjoy those wonderful moments.

Besides, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake. Remember, no one is perfect. From your mistakes, you can learn to grow and become a wiser person.

5. Make decisions with confidence

You may often hesitate to make a decision, even for yourself. Now, the best way to practice self-love is to be more confident in making decisions about your own life. The feelings that everyone has are valid, so you shouldn't hesitate to listen to your heart.

6. Recognize fear

Fear should not be avoided because it is very natural and human. If fear arises, immediately evaluate and find the cause of your fear. That way, fear will not become a burden and can relieve your anxiety.

7. Keep your body healthy

Self-love is not only about accepting yourself but also giving your best. Body health is essential for you to appreciate.

Thus, give your body the best reward by exercising regularly, eating a balanced nutritious diet, drinking more water, and getting adequate rest. To stay healthy, also stay away from cigarettes and alcoholic drinks.

8. Mingle with influential people

You will find it difficult to love yourself if you are often in a toxic social environment. Therefore, look for a social and social environment that is positive, constructive, and can accept you for who you are. Avoid toxic relationships for your own good.

In addition to the several methods above, you can also apply self-love by accepting all the pain and happiness you feel. A variety of emotions, such as fear, joy, and happiness, will help you recognize yourself. This is, of course, important in managing good self-love.

Even though self-love is important to implement, it doesn't mean that you can do anything freely without caring about your environment. Keep doing good, caring, and empathizing with others.

If you still have questions about self-love and accept yourself, consult a psychologist for further explanation. One thing you need to remember, love yourself first before loving others, yes.

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