Best Android Applications for Editing the Coolest Videos in 2019

Technological advances make people able to get various benefits in supporting their daily activities, including those who have to struggle with video production. Yes, when there were not many people who could do video editing because the available software was too difficult to learn, now it no longer exists.

Nowadays, more and more can edit videos every day because there is already a variety of video editing software that is easy to use because, from the developer side, they can make good video editing software. Amazingly, if first video editing can work only on a laptop or PC, now it can be done on your cellphone.

In 2019, there are some of the coolest video editing apps that you can use right now. The following four applications.

Adobe Premiere Clip

The first video editing application is Adobe Premiere Clip. The app, released by the biggest editing company, Adobe, can be used easily on mobile without the difficulty of learning it. And this version itself is a mobile version of Adobe Premiere which is usually on PCs and laptops.

With Adobe Premiere Clip, you can manage transitions, lighting to slow-motion effects. The lightweight and easy-to-use user interface make it perfect for fast video editing.

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

The second video editing application is VivaVideo: Free Video Editor. VivaVideo itself includes the best-selling video editing application at the moment. By using this application, you can make slideshows, slow motion to video collage. Also, there is a Creative Video Camera Lense feature that can turn your face into a funny character.

You can also get the ease of editing by using VivaVideo. So even if you are a beginner, you can still make edits without the need to feel the slightest difficulty.

Inshot Video Editor & Photo Editor

The third video editing application is Inshot Video Editor & Photo Editor. If you like to enter various kinds of editing that are funny and packaging, then Inshot is the most appropriate application.

There are so many features provided by Inshot such as inserting songs into videos, funny filters, slow motion to video converters. A simple and attractive user interface can make it easier for you during the editing process. Added with Inshot, you can add blur effects to the background part of the video so that it further beautifies the videos that will come later to your various social media accounts.

PowerDirector Video Editor

The fourth video editing application is PowerDirector Video Editor. Cyberlink's video editing application provides a complete and straightforward video editing method. With PowerDirector, you can get video effects, editing, video collage features and add songs for videos.

Amazingly, there is a chroma-key feature that can edit on the green screen. Then, for those of you who want to get 4K quality video, you can select the video with PowerDirector because this application can support the high-quality video quality.

Those are the four Android apps for editing the freshest videos in 2019 that can be used today by downloading them to mobile phones. Make sure the internet connection runs fast so you can download the video editing application easily. I hope this information is helpful!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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