11 Applications to Find Friends Around in 2019 | Auto Gets Match!

Although more and more social media applications are present, and some of you still feel lonely until now. The solution is, you need to find new friends who can only be invited to chat or even take a walk. How to?

Easy! You can take advantage of the latest 2019 friend search applications that Sicupu recommends below. Uh, you can get a mate, just now!

Recommended Applications Find Friends Around the Latest 2019

With an application to find friends around you,  it will be easier to find new people to chat with, especially if you have the same interests.

This application is also useful for those of you who like traveling, especially to find other people when you visit a new place as a solo traveler

Then what are the friend search applications that you can use now? Here's a complete list of recommendations!

1. Yogrt

First, there is an application called Yogrt. Also unique is the name, huh! This application is indeed made to help you find new friends around you.

Yogrt also has features that are quite complete, such as games that can play together, features live streaming, timeline, and even a collection of funny stickers to color the chat room.

Here there is also a feature for performing personality tests through quizzes in it.

2. WeChat

Then there is WeChat, which is also in the most popular chat application with more than 100 million downloads worldwide. WeChat has fairly complete features, such as sending text, audio, telephone, and video calls.

To be able to find friends around you, WeChat has a feature called Friend Radar or People Nearby to find new friends or even date friends. Interesting, right?


If you prefer entertainment through playing games, you can also try the application called HAGO, which contains a collection of exciting games that can play with other people.

In this BeeTalk replacement application, you don't just play games.

There are also features to play with friends around and chat while you play games together. Perhaps you can all be invited to meet. Nice!

4. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

WhatsApp only focuses on communication, unlike LINE: Free Calls & Messages that have full features for various needs.

Start from LINE Today for the latest news updates, LINE Shopping for those of you who want to shop, or LINE Jobs to find work.

To find friends around, you need to use the feature called People Nearby, you know. Oh yes, beforehand, don't forget to make sure the GPS feature is active to use it, huh!

5. MeetMe

Then there is the application to find friends around named MeetMe, which is specially made to find friends around your area.

You can find new friends, then chat, and share posts in the feed provided in the application.

Unfortunately compared to other applications looking for friends, MeetMe is still somewhat less prevalent in Indonesia.

6. CakraTalk

CakraTalk, formerly called CallInd, is a chat application made by Indonesian children. Proud, right?

Not just chatting, on the CakraTalk application, you can also use the Search User feature to find friends around you.

7. Tinder

Want to find more than friends or maybe you can be your partner in the real world?

Well, you can use the Tinder application, which is already known as one of the online dating applications that can detect other people around you.

In this friend search application, you can search for people based on the location or the closest distance. For those who don't last a long time, please try!

8. Badoo

Furthermore, there is still a search application for a friend that looks like Tinder named Badoo, created as an application to find friends that you can share.

This application, which has been downloaded by more than 100 million users, will offer a complete profile of the pair you want to target, the gang.

So, for those of you who want to find an online mate, you can try this one application.

9. Tantan

Upset because many friends don't match? You can also try the Tantan application, for those of you who want to find friends to get to a more severe level.

If you like, you swipe right and if you don't like it, swipe left. It's easy.

Moreover, Tantan also has the Break the Ice feature that will test your compatibility by answering ten random questions. The more answers the same, the more meaningful your relationship will be!

10. SayHi

The next application recommendation to find friends around online is SayHi. Here, you can find fellow application users and also express themselves through video chat, text messages, to exchange voice messages.

Oh yes, just like the application searches for other friends, you have to be careful and alert. It could be that a lot of people take advantage of negligence to commit fraud with fake accounts.

11. MiChat

Finally, there is the MiChat application that is dedicated to finding people around you and can even find someone special, you know.

This free chat application has a feature called Message in a Bottle, where you can read messages from someone special at random.

Order in Bottle itself supports text, voice, and video messages. Nice!

Well, that's the recommendation of the newest 2019 friend search application that you must try. Of course, you can choose according to your taste!

Each of the above applications has its advantages and disadvantages. So, don't hesitate to try and feel it yourself.

Oh yes, don't forget always to be careful when you meet new people.

Picture by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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